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2010PCB industry manufacturers have coded the western revival
2010/8/17 15:33:53
    Recent including the county station technology, law Sheng Technology, Park bearing technology flexible printed circuit board (FPC), flexible copper clad laminate (FCCL) and the PCB factory, have to make replenishment of the continent works in the board resolution, the amount of investment are $ 9,000,000, $ 500,000, 1,000 million U.S. dollars.
    FPC market conditions last year, compared to PCB, integrated circuit (IC) substrate stability, more profitable units outstanding county, no less TAIFLEX, FPC manufacturers become relatively positive recent replenishment of the continent works industry, FCCL plant new technology to the end of Jan held a board to determine this year's budget and business plans.

    Just listed on the OTC exchange listing also pointed out that the PCB plant Sheng Ti, benefiting the economy back to temperature, in turn losses sustained investment in the mainland, Zhejiang plant consolidation have the benefit, but also invest to improve the process bottleneck is expected to be completed in the first quarter, can produce increased from 15 million square feet of 200,000 square feet, has now an opportunity to break even.

    Following the switch to fixed investment in e-Ying, Jiangsu Province, Kunshan plant capacity utilization rebounded last year after the new production base in Fujian province also started the construction project. Ying determined by the Board on March 1 Jiangwen You as the chief executive appointed to co-ordinate domestic and overseas group companies business growth, business management and reinvestment strengthen internal management, for the construction of Fujian Factory "warm."
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