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2010 China PCB industry will enter a full recovery in
2010/8/17 15:29:16

    The global financial crisis as an electronic information manufacturing industry based on PCB (printed circuit board epoxy) caused a huge impact on the industry in many countries and regions have appeared in PCB production value of negative growth, PCB industry has entered a disastrous recession. According to statistics, in 2008 the global PCB output decline by 4.8% in 2009, declining significantly by 12%. But shares of PCB industries are freezing cold to the financial crisis to the Chinese PCB industry has not caused too much blow. According to statistics, in 2008 the global PCB output value of 48.2 billion in China alone accounted for 31%, to 150 billion U.S. dollars, an annual growth rate of 9.5%, ranking first in the world. Although some decline in 2009, but industry analysts believe that China's PCB industry in 2010 will enter a full recovery years.
    From the domestic market, the national policy support to accelerate the revitalization of the PCB industry. Sharp drop in demand in the international market, the depth adjustment of the global electronic information industry situation, the State Council in 2009 introduced the electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization plan proposes to speed up product upgrading of electronic components, printed circuit boards to improve new product development capacity, the initial form a complete package, mutual support system for the electronic components industry to further enhance the competitiveness of export products, maintaining market share goals and initiatives. Also, the Government promised to increase financial investment, speed up the introduction and implementation of tax support policies to expand domestic demand, promote the third generation mobile communication network, next generation Internet, digital television network construction, the formation of more than 6,000 billion of investment scale. Lot of good policy, and stability, including printed circuit industry including the development of electronic information industry, will drive the PCB industry's recovery.

    Meanwhile, changes in foreign markets for domestic PCB industry opportunities. Epoxy Resin Industry Association of China experts, in general, European and American manufacturers for the procurement of inert or downstream of quality concerns, the purchase order to the U.S. and Europe tend to PCB manufacturers. However, the current decline in consumer purchasing power terminal market, forcing companies to reduce product prices lower in Europe and America. Accordingly, in order to maintain target profit level, the downstream firms to cut costs in Europe and America, and optimize material purchase price is the best choice, forcing U.S. and European companies to transfer purchase orders to low-cost areas, to bring some of our PCB business opportunities. In addition, foreign companies may be due to PCB procurement downstream transfer and other factors, and out of the market collapse, it also gives Chinese companies a certain market opportunities.

    Although the 2010 PCB industry in Mainland China have good prospects, but we have seen, the domestic PCB industry, there are still some problems. Such as product homogeneity is high, the low proportion of high-end board, costs to the weak and local companies, products, lack of scale structure and key technologies, small and privately owned enterprises, the production capacity and technology levels are low, or insufficient attention to the inability to engage in R & D R & D, the lack of their own and recognized brands, advanced equipment and technology is not independent, did not form a fully furnished, self-discipline of the market, waste disposal did not meet environmental standards. Only solve these problems, China PCB market can be sustained, healthy and stable development.


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