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2010 surface mount circuit board exhibition will be held in Suzhou in May
2010/8/17 15:26:55


Taiwan Printed Circuit Association Director General Lai Jiajiang

Beijing Zhong Guangwang March 13 (Xinhuanet Chen Yaping) by the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office of Science and Technology Center sponsored Economic Cooperation Strait, Taiwan Printed Circuit Association and co-organized by Chan Chao International Co., Ltd "in 2010 Suzhou PCB / SMT Exhibition "will be May 12 to 14 at the Suzhou International Expo Center organized.

The State Council Taiwan Affairs Office of the Strait, assistant director of the economic and technological cooperation Xiao Yi said: Exhibition organized by five years, in collaboration with the scale, quality and international standards have been synchronized, not only worth visiting, Global China Eastern is a major event in professional electronics. Organizers expected more than 350 vendors will participate in exhibitions, and attracts more than fifteen thousand professional visitors, Cordially industry will come to visit.

Taiwan Printed Circuit Association Director General Laijia Jiang said with confidence that, this time in Beijing to attend 2010 Suzhou PCB / SMT press conference and exhibition, which coincides with two sessions held on the continent, it is understood that the implementation measures to benefit any Taiwan Taiwan other issues related to two in the center of attention, is really very touching to hear the news! Because both parties want to maintain active state of the economy, Taiwan's economic development needs positive interaction with the mainland! Taiwan is also hope that most of the deal cross-strait economic cooperation framework (ECFA) an early signing of two other parties to close the distance, for the welfare of people on both sides.

Recalling 2009, is the most difficult year, the global economic situation fell into a trough period of the circuit board, circuit board of these companies are also faced with difficulties, but in 2009 the exhibition still get most of the exhibitors and the strong support of industry of, indicate the level of basic flat with the previous. Lai, Director General, said: enter the sixth year exhibition in 2010 Suzhou PCB / SMT is the global financial crisis started after recovery of the mainland economy continued, both sides welcome the development of circuit board industry, a moment significant opportunities for both sides to keep the board industry event! I believe this should be pregnant with a powerful new energy, this energy will be off in a crisis, as new development opportunities and accelerate the close inter-circuit board industry in technology, management improvement, showing both sides of the circuit board industry vitality! "

Chan Chao International Co., Ltd. of Taiwan, said Deputy General Manager Zhonghong Long: The exhibition includes circuit board industry, circuit board equipment to process wet and dry / test equipment / raw materials / chemicals, surface mount and electronic assembly equipment / materials. In addition to professional activities exhibition, with the theme of the show and forums, seminars, new product announcements, museums PCB area, the area of green energy, excellent paper, at the opening ceremony, welcome dinner and Golf Tournament such a wealth of support activities more to see the show.

Long Zhonghong the details answering questions from journalists, he said, Suzhou PCB CUP annual golf tournament will be held one day before the opening of the exhibition, exhibitors in the exhibition, unless the driver has reciprocal exchanges, learn from the opportunity to use the "birdies" Friends Club. With the industry trend of PCB and SMT create a museum display area, through illustrations, introduction to physical and DVD players give visitors a deeper understanding of the industry, the exhibition has attracted a large number of visitors each year. In order to East circuit board industry have the opportunity to come together, the exhibition of specially designed "industry executives meeting," so exhibitors and customers to communicate adequately. In addition, each session of the board of Suzhou during the exhibition, technical sessions have been held international workshops and new product launches, most popular topics of current research to do, but also for the exhibitors launching new products, new technology , build a platform.

bright spot is the most prominent award letter PCB, PCB enterprises to tap the expertise, the exhibition of students of institutions of higher education for the country to collect excellent papers selected by the organizers to provide a certificate and prize. During the exhibition, the winning papers in "paper poster display," published reserves for the PCB business information to professional and technical personnel.

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