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Contact us:
Company name: Taihua PCB Co.,Ltd
The address of factory :AD9 district Dong Sheng Industrial Park economic development zone,
Meizhou Guangdong China
Telephone number:0753—2329878    Fax number:0753—2329258
The address of Marketing Department:Room 908, the ninth floor, Huiying Building, Zhongxin Road, Shajing Street Bao’an Shenzhen
Telephone number:0755—29371160/1159      Fax number:0755—29505758  
Contact: Mr. Yang (Marketing Manager)
Public bus network:Take bus no.8 and bus no.15 and get off at Rongsheng Square Dongsheng Industrial Zone

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Address:Shenzhen Telephone:0755—29371160/1159 技术支持:梅州乐创网络